Health Benefits of Sports for Our Body

Our bodies are special. They need to be moved and to move every now and then, preferably frequently, on a daily basis. As a species, humans used to move a lot, especially when they were hunters/gatherers. Even farming required a lot of physical work (albeit not as healthy as frequent walking). Today, most of our lives are spent in a sedentary position. Whether looking at phones or computer screens, not to mention TV, people tend to get unhealthy. Some gain weight, others lose weight but also lose muscles and get issues with their wrists, elbows and hips.

Sports are great and can help everyone become a bit healthier. Our bodies benefit from sports in multiple ways. Here are some of the health benefits you can expect from sports.

Obvious Physical Benefits

They are called obvious because sports will do wonders for your body. The most obvious benefits you will see are improvements in your mood. Your body tends to make dopamine after a physical activity. Not only that, but your metabolism will definitely become faster. While it might not be necessarily faster, you will have hungry, hurt muscles which need to be repaired, thus becoming a priority for your body rather than storing fat.

Coordination – Balance

These two go hand in hand and are a very important part of doing sports. As we age, we lose the neuroreceptors for balance, as we do many things. A sporty elderly person is not going to lose balance while going down the stairs and will be able to run across a street should the need arise. They will also not be in risk of going down a steep hill rolling, rather than on their own feet. Sports help you by keeping you on your toes and keeping your neuroreceptors healthy. 

Mental Health

Once people get into sports, their lives start turning around. Physical exercise often means getting out of your comfort zone, going outside and seeing the world. This also takes away from the doom and gloom of whatever might be ailing you, especially if that is on a psychological level, and not biochemical. The latter should be treated accordingly.

Have in mind that sports can help you to an extent and should be a part of your daily/weekly routine, but only a part of it.


Whether doing participation sports or going out to do pull ups in a local park, you are likely to meet people. Talking, sharing, joking around, all of that helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some people prefer working out alone and that is completely fine. But sports, they often require other people, at least a single person, up to many more, depending on the sport. Team sports are very interesting and are a great way of socializing and burning some calories.


Sports offer a great way into your mind. Emotions come up when sports are played, from anger, sadness, to joy and levity. It depends on the occasion. Emotions do not have to be in the way, however. You have a unique opportunity to observe what you do and how you handle things whilst in the heat of a match or race. This works better or worse depending on how frequently you do this and how good you are at intercepting your feelings, thoughts and reactions. Sports can enable introspection because the body and mind are seemingly busy with something else, thus opening up for a look.

Sports are great for humans. Whether mental health or physical benefits, sports benefit us in multiple ways. Get out there and play some sports.