Weather Forecast – Can You Make a Guess?

Weather Forecast – Can You Make a Guess?

The world changed in 2020. With a pandemic on the loose, people have had to stay indoors for quite some time. This meant that networks were put under strain, as well as servers and their bandwidth. Netflix and Google servers, not to mention Twitch, suffered, as they were the targets of people who had nothing to do other than stay indoors and watch the world go by, hoping that the pandemic ends sooner, rather than later. Even those prone to exercising could exercise for only so long before their muscles gave up and forfeited. 

Well, sports betting would have been a possibility, had sports been played at all. Some sports are back, but in limited capacity. Football (soccer) was among the first to be back, due to immense popularity and a decline in income because it was stagnating.

To counter that, bookmakers started offering their customers to bet on the weather. Yes, weather betting, or rather, you have your own forecast for a certain day, and should it come true, you would get your money.

Following is more on weather betting.

Weather Betting – Summon Your Inner Shaman

All inappropriate jokes aside, weather betting has become a real thing. You basically download an app from your favorite bookmaker or visit their site and check whether they offer weather betting. If they do, there are most likely odds, which vary from day to day.

Predicting tomorrow’s weather is somewhat easier than predicting the weather for a month in advance, or even a week. There is a catch, however. You do not get your money if it rains only once. The house cannot lose so easily. You have to wait for the entire day to end and for the bookmaker to evaluate whether you won or not. There is always a catch.

Should You Bet on Weather?

This is a question only you can answer. If you like betting and are a sports fan, then you should have more patience, because sports will likely be back, in one way or another. Esports is always online, given that it can easily be played remotely. Esports is also a valid source of entertainment, especially if you want to bet. This has been an option for almost a decade, at least on a more stable basis.

Now, if you really like betting, then why no, try to bet on weather and see if you can predict the weather.

Some people are more sensitive to forthcoming weather changes and they can predict weather to a degree. They might have more luck than others.

Weather Betting vs Normal Betting

Normal betting you can somewhat predict, given that you probably know the sports and teams you plan to bet on. On the other hand, sports betting can turn around, because some players might overperform, considering their prior statistics, and the favored teams/players might underperform. 

Betting on weather is a bit different, because you cannot really predict the weather, even though you might get a good idea as to what it might be like. All things considered, both are essentially gambling and you should be mindful of that if you plan to bet on either.

When in need, weather betting can help you survive the indoor lifestyle. See whether you can predict the weather but be mindful of how much you spend.